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Taylor -Junior Artist

Hi I'm Taylor! I have always been into art since a young age. I used to make my own comic books as a child and was in AP art in high school and participated in local art shows. When I was 16 I made myself a vision board and the main theme of my vision board was to become a tattoo artist, and now 12 years later, here I am, living out my dream, on my way to becoming a tattoo artist!

I have a true love for nature. I adore anything related to plants, bugs, mushrooms, frogs and magical/ witchy things. I love combining all these interests to create flash pieces. I am constantly drawing and constantly creating tattoo flash that I hope to one day be able to tattoo on my future clients. I would consider my style to be traditional/ Neo traditional with bold lines and vibrant colors. I used to participate in craft fairs selling my hand-made jewelry, and bath products infused with essential oils and crystals for their healing properties. My products can be purchased in the shop or on my Etsy page called LoserRising. I'm just a creative individual and I enjoy working with my hands.

To contact me please email me at

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